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Easter Egg Hunt256 viewsLoki and Nellie, two European brown bears, enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at their home at Blair Drummond Safari Park this week when keepers hid seven giant ostrich eggs filled with treats around their enclosure. Some of the eggs were filled with raisins and honey and hung from the trees to look like bee hives, while others were filled with blueberries, nuts and other tasty morsels.

Loki, a two-year-old cub, and his mother Nellie, who's ten, had a great time hunting for the eggs, although they were a bit puzzled at their size! They apparently really loved the honey-filled eggs and made a bee line for them!

This wasn't simply an Easter treat for the bears, but it was also a great enrichment exercise as it stimulated them to do what they'd do in the wild where bears use their keen sense of smell to scavenge for food. Wild bears would, in fact, be familiar with eggs, although the ostrich ones would be harder to crack than those they'd normally encounter.

I know that giant pandas benefit from enrichment just as much as brown bears. And so, in case the pandas keepers at Edinburgh Zoo aren't as imaginative as those at Blair Drummond, I decided to create an Easter egg hunt specially for Yang Guang and, as you can see from the delighted look on his face, he's thoroughly enjoying himself!
258 viewsIt’s not just the people of Britain who are celebrating Andy Murray’s epic display of resilience, perseverance and determination to become the first British man to win the Wimbledon crown for 77 years, it seems that several Americans are celebrating, too. One of Andy’s greatest admirers is John McEnroe, the often controversial tennis player who, during his career, won seven Grand Slam singles titles - three at Wimbledon and four at the US Open. He predicts that Andy will win at least four more Grand Slams.

Washington’s pandas, Tian Tian and Mei Xiang, who became Andy fans after watching him win the US Open last September, are saluting his wonderful achievement with a spectacular firework display and, as you’ll see, have even managed to persuade President Obama to fly the Union Jack instead of the Stars and Stripes over the White House in Andy's honour!
260 viewsAlthough Washington's pandas, Tian Tian and Mei Xiang, are, of course, Chinese citizens, they always like to join in the celebrations on the fourth of July, the anniversary of the day in 1776 when their adopted country, America, became independent from Great Britain. This year, Tian and Mei have secured a great position right in front of the White House to watch the parade as it makes its way along Constitution Avenue and then the spectacular fireworks display, the highlight of the day's celebrations.

295 viewsOn 2nd June 1953, a day described by Winston Churchill as ‘happy and glorious’, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey. Although meteorologists had forecast warm and sunny weather, the day dawned grey and wet, however nothing could dampen the spirits of the 30,000 people who had braved the elements by camping overnight in The Mall to stake their claim to the best vantage points. There was further cause for celebration that morning when the news broke that Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing had become the first men to conquer Mount Everest – the one Coronation gift that money couldn’t buy.
225 viewsIt was on 22nd July 1913 that Edinburgh Zoo first opened its gates to the public. The zoo was the vision of Edinburgh lawyer Thomas Gillespie who had founded the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) four years earlier, its objective ‘to advance the study of zoology and foster and develop among people an interest in and knowledge of animal life’.

Edinburgh Zoo has come a very long way since the animal-loving lawyer had the vision of filling a park around a stately home with all kinds of exotic animals from every corner of the world. This year is an opportunity for us to look back at what has been achieved in the last hundred years and to look forward to what the future holds for the zoo in the next hundred. Happy birthday, Edinburgh Zoo!

214 viewsAlthough he normally eats a very monotonous diet of bamboo, this panda looks as if he can't wait for Easter to find out how many eggs he'll get!
Don't Worry About a Thing219 viewsTragically, my darling brother, Iain D.A. Young BSc FFA, who designed this website for me, died on 1st November 2015. Iain lived in Jamaica for several years, as did I, which is why I thought the words of 'Three Little Birds', one of Bob Marley's best loved songs were an appropriate title for this picture where he's looking so happy and healthy. Don't worry about a thing, Iain, 'cause every little thing's gonna be all right.
222 viewsOn the fourth of July, Americans all over the world celebrate Independence Day - the historic day, in 1776, when the USA gained independence from Great Britain. Each year, this most American of holidays is marked with parades, concerts, firework displays, picnics and the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner and stirring patriotic marches by John Philip de Sousa.
If you believe in coincidences, here's an amazing one. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, two of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776, both went on to become President of the United States and then both died on 4th July 1826 - exactly 50 years after the adoption of the American Declaration of Independence.
Naturally, the nation's capital, Washington, is one of the places to be on Independence Day, the Capitol and the Monument forming a spectacular backdrop to the day's festivities. Although America's First Pandas are, of course, Chinese citizens, they always celebrate their adoptive country's special day and where better than watching the firework display in front of the Capitol!
Keep Fit Panda239 viewsAs Yang Guang was feeling a little out of shape, he decided to join a keep fit class. After only a few weeks, he can now do a very passable handstand which I hope will be good enough to impress Tian Tian!
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