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On Mother's Day with love257 viewsThis year, Mei Xiang, the Smithsonian National Zoo's female panda, will have a double cause for celebration on Mother's Day as Bao Bao, aged 2, will have Bei Bei, her six months old baby brother to help her spoil their Mom. I was lucky enough to be in Washington a few weeks ago and was enchanted by the antics of all four pandas. Anyone who thinks panda are boring should take a trip to DC! Mar 01, 2016
Don't Worry About a Thing231 viewsTragically, my darling brother, Iain D.A. Young BSc FFA, who designed this website for me, died on 1st November 2015. Iain lived in Jamaica for several years, as did I, which is why I thought the words of 'Three Little Birds', one of Bob Marley's best loved songs were an appropriate title for this picture where he's looking so happy and healthy. Don't worry about a thing, Iain, 'cause every little thing's gonna be all right. Nov 15, 2015
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208 viewsIf you're tired of all the bickering, back-stabbing and vicious personal attacks. have you thought about joining the Lab Party? Labs are blameless and good-natured, courageous and determined, neither the natural nor intentional enemy of anyone. On the contrary, Labs are instinctively the friend of all, seeking every occasion to help and please. They're definitely not typical politicians, are they? May 04, 2015
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223 viewsAlthough he normally eats a very monotonous diet of bamboo, this panda looks as if he can't wait for Easter to find out how many eggs he'll get! Apr 02, 2015
261 viewsEach year, the people of Washington DC celebrate the arrival of spring with the Cherry Blossom Festival, so it's only natural that the city's pandas join in the celebrations, too!Mar 24, 2015
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