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178 viewsThe Queen's Baton Relay, a much loved tradition of the Commonwealth Games, symbolises the coming together of all Commonwealth nations and territories in preparation for the four-yearly festival of sport and culture.
On 9th October 2013, the Glasgow 2014 Queen's Baton Relay was launched at Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty the Queen who placed her message to the Commonwealth, inscribed on a parchment handmade in Glasgow from linen and plant fibre, inside the baton. Over the next 288 days, the baton was set to visit 70 nations and territories, covering 190,000 kilometres and involving a third of the world's population.
Unlike the Olympic torch, there is only one Queen's baton. This year's embodies Scotland's culture, history and innovation in its design and construction. The titanium lattice framework takes its inspiration from Glasgow's rich industrial heritage and the elm wood handle was sourced from the grounds of Garrison House on Cumbrae. Each Commonwealth nation and territory has been given a granite gemstone housed at the top of the baton, the granite coming from Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde.
Thousands of special memories have already been created on the journey across continents, terrains and time zones. From Sydney Harbour Bridge to the forests of Rwanda, from Pacific Islands to the Rocky Mountains of Canada, the baton has showcased each nation and territory in the Commonwealth.
The baton entered the final straight of its journey on 14th June when it arrived in Scotland and, over the next 40 days, 4,000 proud batonbearers will carry it the length and breadth of the country, taking it to 400 villages, towns and cities, the baton travelling 4,000 metres in the process. Finally, on 23rd July, thousands of people, including my husband and me, will welcome the baton to the XX Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Glasgow, where Her Majesty The Queen will read aloud her message to the Commonwealth.
As you can see, even giant pandas want to be part of this very special experience and my only concern is that the proud panda selected to carry the baton might decide to eat it instead of passing it on to the next batonbearer!
178 viewsEveryone knows the power of advertising, especially when incredibly cute animals are concerned. My favourite advert of all time has to be the one for Kit-Kat (I must admit that the Harvey one comes a very close second) when a photographer, having waited for several hours to photograph some pandas in a zoo, decides to take a break. However, as soon as he turns his back to enjoy his favourite chocolate biscuit, the pandas come out of their cave and perform an impressive dance routine, disappearing just as quickly the moment he resumes his watch. This is my version of the popular advert.
'Lightning Bolt' carrying the Jamaican flag.177 views
Red Nose Day177 viewsYang Guang decided it would be funny if he had a red nose to raise money for Red Nose Day. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong as not only has his nose turned red, but his arms, eyes and ears have too!
An unexpected victory for Europe in the Ryder Cup176 views
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