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165 viewsAlthough Washington's pandas, Tian Tian and Mei Xiang, are, of course, Chinese citizens, they always like to join in the celebrations on the fourth of July, the anniversary of the day in 1776 when their adopted country, America, became independent from Great Britain. This year, Tian and Mei have secured a great position right in front of the White House to watch the parade as it makes its way along Constitution Avenue and then the spectacular fireworks display, the highlight of the day's celebrations.

165 viewsMale pandas, whether living in the wild or in captivity, aren't involved in the care of their cubs nor do they even get to meet them. The only exception is the male in this happy family group who appears to realise the significance of what's being recorded for posterity in this portrait specially commissioned for Father's Day!
The US Presidential Election163 views
The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics162 views
Easter Egg Hunt161 viewsLoki and Nellie, two European brown bears, enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at their home at Blair Drummond Safari Park this week when keepers hid seven giant ostrich eggs filled with treats around their enclosure. Some of the eggs were filled with raisins and honey and hung from the trees to look like bee hives, while others were filled with blueberries, nuts and other tasty morsels.

Loki, a two-year-old cub, and his mother Nellie, who's ten, had a great time hunting for the eggs, although they were a bit puzzled at their size! They apparently really loved the honey-filled eggs and made a bee line for them!

This wasn't simply an Easter treat for the bears, but it was also a great enrichment exercise as it stimulated them to do what they'd do in the wild where bears use their keen sense of smell to scavenge for food. Wild bears would, in fact, be familiar with eggs, although the ostrich ones would be harder to crack than those they'd normally encounter.

I know that giant pandas benefit from enrichment just as much as brown bears. And so, in case the pandas keepers at Edinburgh Zoo aren't as imaginative as those at Blair Drummond, I decided to create an Easter egg hunt specially for Yang Guang and, as you can see from the delighted look on his face, he's thoroughly enjoying himself!
161 viewsTraditionally, the first of May is the day we're supposed to rise at dawn to wash our faces in the May dew. This is because people used to believe that the dew had magical properties and so anyone who washed in it would have a beautiful complexion for the rest of the year! (Nowadays, most people simply use one of the myriads of potions on offer to keep their skin looking good or may even resort to the more drastic option of Botox!) However, this little panda, who's delighted to have been crowned Queen of the May, can have a long lie on this special day as she couldn't look any cuter or more beautiful if she tried!
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