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Why Everyone Loves Teddy Bears

I think the reason why my windows attract so many different people, including some very unlikely ones, is because a teddy bear is the first toy many of us receive and the one we are most likely to hold on to into adulthood. The great arctophile, Peter Bull, who first used the most appropriate expression ‘a hug’ to describe a collection of teddy bears, said: ‘To a child, Teddy is a bridge between a human and an animal. ….His marvellous face expresses anything a child wants to feel or hear.’ The teddy bear’s appeal is universal and lasting – probably no other inanimate object has done so much by doing so little. For more than a hundred years, they have listened, but never argued or judged, provided comfort and companionship, united people in friendship and, most importantly, have made us smile.

Although some teddy bears have hit the headlines for their record-breaking prices, it’s important to remember that a bear can still be special even if it isn’t particularly old or rare. I have a huge hug of bears and would hesitate to say that I had a favourite as I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make anyone too big-headed! However, if I had to choose only one bear to keep, it would have to be Cuddly, who came to live with me shortly after my mother died when I was three. Although Cuddly has never actually appeared in the windows, as he’s too old and fragile, he’s always ready to welcome newcomers to Dalbear Road!